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cmavo letteral for r.
fy ry poi lingua cu mutce cinri
French is a very interesting language.
ko'a so'iroi vitke la .romas. .iseki'ubo certu djuno fi ry.
Since he's visited Rome many times, he knows it well.
lo nenri be lo cirkulo be li re pi'i ry cu klani li pai pi'i ry te'o re
The area of a circle of diameter "2 × r" is equal to π × r^2.
xokau lo nu lo remna cu fliba na krinu lo nu morji fi ry. i ku'i xokau lo nu ry. snada cu krinu
People are not remembered by the number of times they fail but for the number of times they succeed.
la teris. za klama lo rirxe gi'e reisku fi lo finpe be di'o ry. fu le du'u dakau cu pluta le tcadu
Soon, Terry came to a river, and asked a fish in it the way to the city.
lujvo x1 (letteral: la'e zo BY/word-bu) is a hyphen/joining letter(al) in language x2 with function in/context of use/with rules for use/with properties x3, joining prefixed unit/lexeme/morpheme/string x4 (quote) to postfixed unit/lexeme/morpheme/string x5 (quote) in construct (full word) x6 (quote) x1 joins words/morphemes/particles into a single cohesive, grammatical unit. x4 and x5 may be improper quotes. In English, "-" is such a hyphen letteral; in Lojban, ybu, ry, ny, and ly are such hyphen letterals (arguably, as is y'y). The fact that the letteral is used to join words is implicit and this function therefore need not be specified in x3 in most cases.