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lujvo t1 is a computer program / tool / application for purpose t2=s2 on computer(s) including s1.
lujvo t1 is a shader on computer(s) including s1. See also: ctino, ke, samtci.
lujvo t1=z1 is a spyware installed on computer(s) including s1 which spies on z2 (victim(s)) under conditions z4. See also: mipyzga, ke and samtci.
lujvo t1=xl1 is malware (malicious software) on computer(s) including s1, which is/does bad for/harms xl2 according to standard xl3. See also: xlali, ke, samtci.
lujvo x1=c2 completely fills the display of monitor/screen x2=c1=v1; x1=c2 is “in fullscreen”. x1=c2 is not very specific here. It could refer, for example, to a computer program (samtci), a window ({pevyca'o zei uidje}), a movie (skina) or something else.