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lujvo xa1 is a pointing device for computer xa2=s1. Pointing devices include: mouse, trackball, touchpad, touchscreen, graphics tablet, joystick, pointing stick. Cf. pevysmacu, skami, xance.
lujvo x1 is a computer mouse with button/buttons x2. See also: samxa'e.
fu'ivla x1 is a computer mouse (physical object) Syn. pevysmacu. See samxa'e
lujvo x1 is a mouse cursor (graphical element) of user interface x2. Specifically refers to the graphical element, not the physical tool. From xance + uidje. See samxa'e, pevysmacu
fu'ivla x1 clicks on x2, causing x3 (nu). Specifically refers to the act of selection within a computer device, and is agnostic as to the form of the device. cf. samxa'e, xanyuidje, klikmuga, klikeco'a, klikeru'i, klikemo'u