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lujvo x1=k2 is a video game on platform x2=s1. Also tv/pc/computer game. x2 may be a personal computer, handheld device, video game console or arcade machine. See also: playing video game (=samyzilkeikei), playing on (gaming) computer (=samkei).
lujvo k1 plays with computer/gaming system/gaming console s1. See also: video game (=samyzilkei), playing with video game (=samyzilkeikei).
fu'ivla x1 (people mass/jo'u) have a LAN party at location x2, coming from locations x3 (mass/jo'u). See also: LAN party (event) (nunrlanparti), gathering (jmaji), LAN (selklosamseltcana), video game samyzilkei.
lujvo x1 plays with video game x2. Also: computer game. See also “samyzilkei” for video game and “samkei” for a gaming computer/console in x2.