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lujvo x1 plays with video game x2. Also: computer game. See also “samyzilkei” for video game and “samkei” for a gaming computer/console in x2.
le'e verntineidja cu nelci lo nu samyzilkeikei
Teenagers love playing video games.
le'e verntineidja nanla cu nelci lo nu samyzilkeikei
Teenage boys love playing video games.
lujvo k1 plays with computer/gaming system/gaming console s1. See also: video game (=samyzilkei), playing with video game (=samyzilkeikei).
lujvo x1=k2 is a video game on platform x2=s1. Also tv/pc/computer game. x2 may be a personal computer, handheld device, video game console or arcade machine. See also: playing video game (=samyzilkeikei), playing on (gaming) computer (=samkei).