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gismu rafsi: sna x1 is sound produced/emitted by x2. x2 sounds (intransitive verb). See also savru, tirna, voksa, siclu, slaka.
ma sance
What is that sound?
lo sance be ma
A sound of what?
do tirna ma noi sance
What sound do you hear?
lo sance be lo dzupoi cu snucanci
The sound of the parade died away.
loi gusni loi sance cu sutyzma cai
Light is much faster than sound.
do tirna lo sance be ma
You hear a sound of what?
le bitmu so'i roi minra lo sance
The wall echoes the sound several times.
lo janbe pu se sance lo cladu
The bell had a loud sound.
zo oi pu sance le bruna
"oi" was the sound the brother emitted.
ra zabna lo ka se sance
Her voice is cool.
lo ko'a voksa cu sance xagmau lo do voksa
Her voice sounds better than yours.
le za'umei pu cupra lo janbe sance sepi'o loi lenjo
They clinked glasses.
ko denpa i mi ca tirna lo sance
Wait, I can hear some sound.
mi tirna lo sance be lo palta poi ca'o porpi
I hear the sound of a plate that is falling.