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za'a do certu lo larcu be lo ka finti lo melbi se sanga
I can see, you are an expert in creating beautiful songs.
mi pu ciska lo valsi e lo zgike vu'o pe lo se sanga
I wrote down words and melody of a song.
ra pu zivle lo jdini lo ka sidju lo cnino sanga
He invested money in a new singer.
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''xsn'' (Sanga (Nigeria)). See also bangu
fu'ivla x1 is a song with music/melody x2 and lyrics x3 See selsa'a, sanga, sagzgi, sagypemci
gismu rafsi: rim x1 rhymes/alliterates with x2 in language/phonetics x3, matching sound correspondence x4 (ka). Broad meaning of rhyme - any matching sound correspondence. See also pemci, sanga.
lujvo x1 is a song (lyrics, melody etc.as a whole) As opposed to "lo se sanga" "salsagymei" explicitly describes all the components composing a song
experimental gismu x1 is a hissing sound See bacru, cusku, sanga, cladu, since
gismu rafsi: sil x1 [sound source] whistles/makes whistling sound/note/tone/melody x2. See also sance, tonga, sanga, zgike, savru.
lujvo sa1 sings lullaby sa2 to sa3=si1. Cf. sipna, sanga, sipselsa'a.
lujvo sa2 is a lullaby sung by sa1 to sa3=si1. Cf. sipna, sanga, sipsa'a.
fu'ivla x1 is a form of pop music performed by x2 with characteristics x3. Cf. te'ekno, zgike, sanga.
lo rilti be lo pu se sanga be le nakni cu simsa lo'u la la cu cu la la le'u
The rhythm of the phrase said by him was similar to "la la tcu tcu la la".
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''sng'' (Sanga (Democratic Republic of Congo)). See also bangu
gismu rafsi: ril x1 (sequence/non-text quote) is a rhythm/beat of music/expressive form x2. Not necessarily oscillatory/regular pattern. See also damri, pemci, tonga, zgike, slilu, dikni, sanga, morna.
lujvo d1=s2 is an opera about d2 [plot/theme/subject] by composer d3 for audience d4=s3 with singers d5. Cf. sanga, draci, sagjvetavdraci, nolzgi.