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mi pu sanji lo nu pu tolmo'i zo'e
I knew I'd forgotten something.
a'o le nakni cu sanji lo se cinmo be mi
I hope he is aware of my feelings.
cmavo attitudinal: alertness - exhaustion. See also sanji, cikna, tatpi.
sei na'e sanji lo tadji se'u vajni fa lo nu mi pu gasnu
I don't know how I did it. The important thing is that I did it.
mi sanji lo nu mi tavla de'a lo nu mi pensi la sam
Suddenly I was aware that I had ceased talking while I had been thinking about Sam.
lujvo s1 realizes s2 under condition c1. Cf. sanji, cfaga'e.
gismu rafsi: cik (adjective:) x1 is awake/alert/conscious. See also sanji, sipna, tatpi.
lujvo b1=s1 recognizes s2 (object/abstract). Cf. krefu, sanji, binxo.
da poi se sajysne zo'u da se senva zo'e poi ke'a ca'a sanji lo du'u ke'a senva
A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming.
lo mi pendo ce mi pu tsuku lo cizra stuzi se cau lo ka sanji lo du'u ka'e ckape
My friend and I arrived at a strange place lacking the awareness that it can be dangerous.
lujvo g1 notices g2 by means g3 under condition g4=c1. Cf. ganse, facki, sanji.
lujvo s1=b1 becomes conscious of / aware of / realizes s2 (object/abstract) under conditions b3. Made from sanji + binxo. binxo2 dropped.
lujvo d2 is knowledge held by d1 about subject d3 by epistemology d4. Cf. djuno, sanji, cilre.
gismu rafsi: sip x1 is asleep (adjective); x1 sleeps/is sleeping. See also senva, tatpi, cikna, sanji.
experimental cmavo discursive: specified by the speaker - unspecified by the speaker Used to indicate that a referent(s) of the preceding word/structure (usually sumti) is/are specified by the speaker; See also steci, sanji
lujvo d3 distinguishes between d2 and d1. Cf. zgana, sanji, jimpe, jinvi.