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gismu rafsi: sa'i x1 stands [is vertically oriented] on surface x2 supported by limbs/support/pedestal x3. x1 is standing; x1 stands up; x1 is erect/vertical/upright; x1 bows/bends over (= krosa'i, krosa'ibi'o, plosa'i); frame of reference is (approximate) perpendicularity to the surface, and not to a gravity field. See also kamju, sraji, tuple, zbepi, sarji.
ko sanli
Get up.
ra co'a sanli
He stood up.
ra pu sanli cmama'a
They stood on the top of the hill.
ro ko'a pu sanli
They all stood.
ko'a sanli ti'a le stizu
He stood behind the chair.
la .tom. pu smaji sanli
Tom stood silently.
la .tom. pu zgana sanli
Tom stood watching.
la .tom. sega'a pu sanli
Tom stood watching.
le nolnau pu sanli ca'u le banxa
The gentleman stood in front of the bank.
ko'a sanli ti'a le matma be ko'a
He's standing behind his mother.
sanli .ei sezu'e lo nu tavla
You should stand up to speak.
la .tom. pu sanli je zgana
Tom stood watching.
mi sanli lo dinju bi'i lo rirxe
I am standing between a house and a river.
pa nanmu cu sanli ri'u do
There is a man standing to the right of you.
ra pu sanli lo canre lo jamfu
He was standing on the sand on his feet.