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gismu rafsi: sai x1 (mass) is a meal composed of dishes including x2. x2 is a course/dish of meal x1 (= selsai for reordered places). See also barja, stasu, gusta, sanso.
.i la ba'e .tam. jukpa lo vanci sanmi
Tom was the one who cooked dinner.
la maiukos cu citka lo nanba poi cerni se sanmi
Mayuko eats bread for breakfast.
ra pu xendo mi lo ka dunda lo sanmi mi
He was kind to me in providing me with the meal.
lo sanmi pu kukte mutce ja'e lo nu mi citka lo duslai
The food was so good that I ate too much.
fau lo ka djica tu'a lo jduli vau do cu ei citka lo do sanmi
If you want pudding, you must eat your meat.
lo se sanmi cu dukse lo ka titla kei la .tom.
The dish is too sweet for Tom.
mi pu citka lo sutra sanmi be lo sovda e lo ckafi
I had a quick meal of eggs and coffee.
lo vi ponjo se sanmi cu tubnu lo rismi lo finpe sovda
This Japanese meal is a tube of rice with caviar as its filling.
mi pu za'o citka lo titla ba lo nu mi mo'u citka lo mi sanmi
I kept eating candies after my meal was over.
lujvo f1=s2 is the dessert of meal f2=s1 c.f. sanmi fanmo
lujvo s2 is a course of meal s1. Cf. sanmi, citka, cidja.
fu'ivla x1 is a banquet Also balsai, banli sanmi nu penmi
lujvo s1 (mass) is a breakfast composed of dishes including s2. Cf. dormijysai, vacysai, cerni, sanmi.
lujvo s1 (mass) is a lunch composed of dishes including s2. Cf. cersai, vacysai, dormidju, sanmi.
fu'ivla x1 is a boiled meatball (meal; a ball of minced or ground meat, boiled) consisting of x2 polpeta is a more generic term. See also tefteli, sanmi, rectu