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gismu x1 [measurement/match] is exact/precise to precision x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni). See also sarxe, dunli, merli, mapti, kancu, mintu.
ma satci smuni zo'oi precise
What is the precise meaning of "precise"?
ma satci smuni zoi gy.precise.gy.
What is the precise meaning of "precise"?
ko setca lo satci lo toknu
Place the pan in the oven.
ta satci lo ka se djica mi
That is exactly what I want.
se ke satci detri lo nanca be li pazevore
The exact date is 1742.
zu'u le jufra cu satci lo ka se smuni
On the one hand, the sentence is exact in meaning.
cmavo discursive: exaggeration - accuracy - understatement. See also satci, dukse.
cmavo discursive: precisely speaking - loosely speaking. See also satci, jibni.
mi na djuno lo satci ni lo vi cripu cu clani
I don't know the exact length of this bridge.
lo mi junla cu zmadu lo do co'e lo ka satci
My watch is more accurate than yours.
do ja'a satci djuno lo du'u mi fi ma kau te smuni
You know exactly what I mean!
lo jubme cu satci lo ka mitre li re lo ka clani
The table is exactly two meters long.
lujvo s1 is verbatim/to the letter. Used of text. Cf. valsi, satci, sitna, jufra
gismu rafsi: kac x1 (agent) counts the number in set x2 to be x3 [number/count] counting [off] by units x4. (x2 is complete set); See also kanji, satci, merli.
gismu rafsi: sax x1 is harmonious/concordant/in agreement/concord with x2 in property x3 (ka). See also satci, panpi, mapti, tugni, ckini.