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lujvo x3=c1 is apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment for function x2=c2 controlled or triggered by x1=c3. te cabra; see also sazri.
la Kevin poi plise cu djica lo nu ky co'a vinji sazri. i ku'i ky ba co'a rutpesxu tai lo patfu be ky.
The apple Kevin wants to become a pilot. But he will become a jam like his father.
lo rupnu be li ci cu jdima lo ka sazri lo se kelci karce vau lo verba lo ponse be lo karce
Three dollars is the price of riding a toy car for children set by the owner of the car.
gismu rafsi: gid gi'a x1 (person/object/event) guides/conducts/pilots/leads x2 (active participants) in/at x3 (event). A guiding person advises/suggests/sets an example to be followed, but does not necessarily control/direct/manage actual execution of an event; an event may serve as a guide by setting a pattern/example to be emulated. See also jitro, ralju, sazri, te bende, jatna, fukpi, morna.
gismu rafsi: gun gu'a x1 [person] labors/works on/at x2 [activity] with goal/objective x3. Also: x1 is a worker/laborer. (cf. sazri, gasnu, se jibri; zukte - which need not be labor; physics term 'work' = ni muvyselbai, briju, jibri, lazni, selfu)
lujvo x1=s1=k1 drives x2=s2=k5 to x3=k2 from x4=k3 via route x5=k4 Used to specify agentive operation of the transportation vehicle, as opposed to simply being carried by it. See also sazri, klama, ma'ekla
lujvo x1=s1 drives vehicle x2=m1 illegally according to people/culture/judges/prosecutor x3=z2 under influence of x4=xl1 (agent/property/substance) which affects driving with effect x5=xl2. xlura zekri ke marce sazri
gismu rafsi: pli x1 uses/employs x2 [tool, apparatus, machine, agent, acting entity, material] for purpose x3. Also utilize; x2 is useful/used productively by x1 to do x3 (= selpli for reordered places); hire/employ (= le'ipli, lejyplicu'a). (cf. tutci, cabra, minji, gasnu, zukte for x2, cmavo list pi'o, sazri, jibri)
gismu rafsi: xlu x1 (agent) influences/lures/tempts x2 into action/state x3 by influence/threat/lure x4. Also impresses; x4 is alluring (= trivelxlu for place reordering); x3 may be an achieved action/state, or an attempt to perform an action/enter a state). (x3 and x4 are normally events or states); See also djica, mukti, trina, jitro, sazri, tcica, xance, stidi, kajde, maksi.
gismu rafsi: tro x1 has control over/harnesses/manages/directs/conducts x2 in x3 (activity/event/performance). x2 are aspects/individuals controlled within activity/event x3; manage (= selzuktro, selzukfu'e, gu'etro, gunfu'e, xaktro, xakfu'e) (as distinct from manager/boss = gunterbe'e, gunja'a, gunmi'e, gunca'i). (cf. cmavo list ji'o, bapli, te bende, gidva - which does not necessarily control or command, jatna, macnu, minde, ponse, ralju, rinka, sazri, turni, vlipa, xance, xlura)
gismu rafsi: tci x1 is a tool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement used for doing x2; [form determines function]. (cf. cabra, minji, se pilno, zukte, sazri, basic tool types: salpo, pulni, cfine, klupe, jendu, xislu, vraga; utensils: forca, smuci, dakfu; specifics: balre, mruli, cinza, garna, pijne, pambe, canpa, pilno, vraga)