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lujvo t2 is a network/transport/communication/distribution system with nodes/stations including t1. Made from se + tcana.
lujvo x1 [benefits from]/[is a beneficiary of] x2 (object/event) according to standard x3. Cf. se, xamgu.
mo'u se tigni
The show is over.
mi se bangu la.interlinguas.
I speak Interlingua.
vreji le se casnu
This conversation is being recorded.
mi se rigni
It disgusts me.
ca ma se srera
When did the error occur?
ma se claxu
What is missing?
mi se prami
I'm loved.
go'i .i se cortu
Yes, it hurts.
do se cmene ma
What is your name?
do melbi se catlu
You're looking good!
ko'a se lacri jatna
He is a dependable boss.
ma mi se zvati
Where am I?
fange se gugde .uesai
Foreigners astound me.
mi se mansa da
I'm satisfied.