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lujvo x1=g1=c2 renovates/renews/updates x2=c1, making it new in property x3=c3 by standard x4=c4. In a computer context, a tag such as se la'u or a tanru involving va'e can be used to indicate a version number.
lujvo x1=t2 snugly sleeps, wrapped in x2=t1, which is snug in direction x3=t3 at locus x4=t4 This does not imply comfort. It simply states that the sleeper is tightly wrapped in what would be assumed to be his/her/its covers. cf. se, tagji, and sipna
gismu rafsi: pof po'u x1 is broken/inoperable/broken down/non-utile/not usable for function x2. Agentive break, cause to become inoperable (= pofygau, pofyzu'e); accidentally break, as a result of an event, non-agentive (= pofyja'e, nutpo'uja'e). See also daspo, katna, porpi, se xrani, cikre.
gismu rafsi: rur sru x1 encircles/encloses/is surrounding x2 in direction(s)/dimension(s)/plane x3. (jinsru =) x1 is a ring/belt/band/girdle around/circling/ringing x2 near total containment in some dimension(s). See also karli, senta, snuji, vanbi, se nenri, se jbini, bartu, djine.
fu'ivla x1 is running service/in operation/performs functions x2; x1 is "turned on", working, acting, active, in action See also ca'a se pilno, tolspofu, na'akti, aktigau
gismu rafsi: jed x1 is an axle/spindle [tool] on which x2 rotates, of material/properties x3. See also se carna, gunro, tutci.
lujvo p1 is a barista/works at coffehouse/coffee bar b1 serving b2 to audience/patrons b3. See also: barista (=crekafpra/lo se cabrspreso).
experimental cmavo se kibzva modal, 1st place: at website/Internet resource... Alternative to the common metaphoric use of bu'u. See kibzva, kibystu, kibro
gismu x1 is curious/wonders about/is interested in/[inquisitive about] x2 (object/abstract). Inquisitive (= retkucli). See also manci, sisku, se cinri.
lujvo x1 is the Roman nation made up of people x2 se la'ornai means the Roman people. The term refers to the ancient Romans, not to modern-day residents of the Italian capital, or small Wisconsin town.
gismu rafsi: pop po'i x1 breaks/fractures/shatters/[splits/splinters/cracks] into pieces x2. See also xrani, spofu, se katna.
gismu rafsi: rad x1 yields/gives way/surrenders to x2 (force/agent) under conditions x3. See also jdari, renvi, ranti, se bapli.
fu'ivla a1=s2 is a quantity of puffed nuña bean(s) from unpuffed nuña bean(s) s1 (Phaseolus vulgaris subsp. nunas). From (lojban) "se spoja" + (spanish?) "nuña" (Phaseolus vulgaris subsp. nunas). See also nuña bean (=debrnuna).
lujvo g1=se2 pretends to have property(ies) si2 to observer si3 under conditions si4 c.f. sevzi simlu gasnu selxarkei.
lujvo x1=se2=p3=sp1 answers one's own question about subject x2=p2. sevzi preti spuda
gismu rafsi: tij x1 is heavy/weighty in mass/weight by standard x2. (cf. linto; carmi, se junri for metaphor, bunda, junta)