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lujvo xr1=xr2 returns itself to state xr3 from state xr4. See also xrukla, for returning to a location.
ui do se'ixru
I'm glad to see you back.
mi ba se'ixru
I'll come back.
ca ma ro do se'ixru
When will you return?
ko se'ixru lo se zutse
Go back to your seat.
mu'i ma ra na se'ixru
Why doesn't he come back?
ri'a ma ra na se'ixru
Why doesn't he come back?
ra se'ixru ti'u li xa
He returned at six.
ko vi denpa lo nu mi se'ixru
Wait here until I come back.
ca lo cabdei ra se'ixru fi la.sidnis.
He comes back from Sydney today.
lujvo x1=xr1=xr2=k1 returns to earlier location x2=xr3=k2 from x3=xr4=k3 via route x4=k4 using means/vehicle x5=k5. See also se'ixru.
gismu rafsi: xru x1 (agent) returns x2 to origin/earlier state x3 from x4; x1 moves/gives x2 back to x3 from x4. x2 goes back/reverts/Retreats. to x3 (= se'ixru for agent self-returning to a previous location/situation: renumber places in the lujvo); (x3 may be a location or a person or an event/situation; the latter may also be expressed with krefu or rapli and a causative like rinka/rikygau). See also benji, krefu, rapli, rinka.