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experimental cmavo elliptical/generic/unspecific/vague selbri conversion Basically says 'in some (id est: at least one) ordering/permutation, these arguments and this selbri make sense [and I claim the produced sentence]'. The ordering may be complicated, or it could even be the case that multiple orderings work. Can be useful for when one does not quite remember or care about the exact definition of a brivla, including in sumti; can also be useful when the conversion is particularly complicated, when a desired terbri has a large index, or when multiple conversions are true; it is an allowed, if unhelpful, response to se'u'o.
lujvo x1 (li) exceeds/is greater than/is numerically larger than x2 (li) by amount (ni/li) x3; x1 = x2 + x3 x1, x2, x3 are probably numbers. Ordering is implicit (use se'o'e po'i or fi'o se'o'e poirsi for explicit specification thereof).