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cmevla Sedai (honorific/title/name/rank/organization) Can be appended to the end of a name. It is also the second part of the name/word "Aes Sedai", which is Lojbanized in full as ".aiz. sedais.". The meaning of "Aes Sedai" and its domain of application varies over the course of the series and over the course of in-universe history; this word can take any such meaning, based on context. See also: makfa, sa'ydar, sa'ydin, altfor, acaman
cmevla Saidar See also: sa'ydin, sedais, makfa
cmevla Saidin See also: sa'ydar, sedais, altfor, acaman, makfa
cmevla Asha'man (rank/organization) The name/word is used in several different ways over the course of the series. This word can mean any of them, depending on context. See also: sa'ydin, sedais, altfor, makfa
cmevla al'Thor Last name of the primary protagonist of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan: Rand al'Thor (.rand. altfor.). See also: sa'ydin, sedais, acaman, makfa