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cmavo convert number to probability selbri; event x1 has probability (n) of occurring under cond. x2.
experimental cmavo Toggles to right grouping of tanru/lujvo. rafsi -keb- "ke'ei'a" toggles back to left grouping. (Applies only to next selbri.)
cmavo convert sumti to selbri/tanru element; x1 is specific to [sumti] in aspect x2.
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: converts enough to ordinal; x1 is enoughth among x2, order rule x3.
cmavo convert number to portion selbri; x1 is an (n)th portion of mass/totality x2; (cf. gunma).
cmavo convert number to scalar selbri; x1 is at (n)th position on scale x2.
experimental cmavo Extracts selbri from a tag, inverse of fi'o xo'i bau is equivalent to bangu, xo'i fi'o broda is equivalent to broda
fu'ivla x1 is the declined form of base noun x2 according to case x3 in language x4. The x2 is not necessarily a 'base' noun, and could be any form of the same noun. See also sumtcita, selbri
experimental cmavo Exponentiation of unit selbri With pi'ai, this word can be used to construct unit selbri; see the notes of pi'ai for a simple example. A full example is the units of acceleration, pi'ai mitre snidu te'ai ni'u re [ke'e]. See also fei'u
experimental cmavo GOI attachment modifier: allows a cmavo of selma'o GOI (which must follow immediately) to be attached to a selbri This word must (ignoring quotes, etc.) be preceded by a selbri (to which it immediately attaches, even in sumti) and must be followed by a member of selma'o GOI (ignoring erasure, etc.). All other semantics and syntax of the GOI construct remains the same, it just applies to the selbri immediately prior to this word, rather than a sumti. See also: po'oi.
cmavo rafsi: dub du'o identity selbri; = sign; x1 identically equals x2, x3, etc.; attached sumti refer to same thing.
experimental cmavo Article for abstract predicate sumti. Turns a selbri into an abstraction with all open places filled by {ce'u}. Has an inverse: me'au
experimental cmavo Elidable terminator for selma'o MEIhE (which turns any number of sumti into a selbri-unit) Needed to close a MEIhE expression to resume adding sumti to the parent bridi.
cmavo rafsi: mom moi convert number to ordinal selbri; x1 is (n)th member of set x2 ordered by rule x3.
cmavo-compound quantified selbri: converts enough to cardinal; x1 is a set with members x2, enough by std. x3.
experimental cmavo the trivial selbri conversion - identity permutation of terbri Outputs the terbri in the standard/original/trivial order: x1 broda x2 x3 x4 x5. Useful for answering 'se'u'o' questions.