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lujvo pr1 is cognition (process of thought) with inputs pr2=pe2, outputs pr3=pe3, passing through stages pr4. Cf. puvypei, nunpei, selpei.
lujvo s1=m4 is a notion of s2=m2 to cognizer s3=m3. A mental reflection of real objects and phenomena in their essential features and relations. Cf. sidbo, selpei, selga'e, tarmi.
gismu rafsi: pes pei x1 thinks/considers/cogitates/reasons/is pensive about/reflects upon subject/concept x2. Also: x1 is thoughtful (one sense); x2 is mental (one sense)/intellectual (one sense) (= selpei). See also cmavo list pe'i, jijnu, menli, morji, sidbo, jinvi, se nabmi, minra, lanli, besna, saske, skami.