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.i ko selzu'e be la. kris. cuxna
Select action for Chris.
.i so'ida selzu'e .ei .i xu do seldjudji
There's quite a lot of things to do; do you want some help?
lujvo p2 is the personality/persona exhibited by p1. x2 can be other than a human. Cf. seltra, selzu'e.
.i la. tam. roroi fraxu la. meris. fi'o nalvai lo my. selzu'e
Tom always forgives Mary, no matter what she does.
ca le nunpe'i cu jibmatygau la tom. lo'i selzu'e ku poi barda
During the meeting, Tom was assigned to a long list of action items.
.i va'o su'oda lo ka ticysku cu selzu'e da'i fi lo nu na selja'e lo nu se fengu nagi'enai tolmansa
In some situations, telling a white lie could be used to avoid people to be disappointed or get angry by or with someone.
lujvo t1 is the psychological disposition of t2=m2. Cf. tcaci, seltra, selzu'e, selpre.