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gismu rafsi: ser x1 are stairs/stairway/steps for climbing structure x2 with steps x3. See also stapa, loldi, senta.
ko'a pu sutra farlu fi le serti
She fell head over heels from the ladder.
.i .e'o do sanli vi le serti se sau le nu mi fi do badgau
Please stand at the stairs. This is a prerequisit for me to defend you.
lujvo se1=sr1 is a ladder / vertical stairway for climbing structure se2 with steps se3, vertical in reference frame sr2. Made from sraji + serti.
gismu rafsi: tap x1 steps/treads on/in surface x2 using limbs x3. See also bajra, plipe, cadzu, serti.
gismu rafsi: lol loi x1 is a floor/bottom/ground of x2. Floor/level/story of a building/edifice (= setloi, dijysenta). See also bitmu, drudi, dertu, dizlo, cnita, zbepi, sarji, serti.
gismu rafsi: set x1 is a layer/stratum [shape/form] of x2 [material] within structure/continuum/composite x3. See also flecu, nenri, rirxe, sepli, snuji, jbini, bitmu, sruri, serti.