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lujvo n1=s1 (agent) punishes n2=s2 [recipient] for atypical infraction n3=s3 (event/state/action) with punishment n4=s4. Notes: The main difference to sfasa is that the infraction must be atypical. See also malne'u, cnemu.
lujvo n1 (agent) punishes n2 [recipient] for atypical n3 (event/property) with punishment/penalty/demerit n4. It’s a interpreted as a punishment according m3. See also sfane'u, mabla, cnemu.
gismu rafsi: nem ne'u x1 (agent) rewards x2 [recipient] for atypical x3 (event/property) with reward/desserts x4. Differs from earned payment because of atypical nature; rewards need not be positive but are in some sense deserved from the point of view of the rewarder: positive reward (= zanyne'u), punishment, penalty, demerit (= malne'u, sfane'u); x4 may be a specific object, a commodity (mass), an event, or a property; pedantically, for objects/commodities, this is sumti-raising from ownership of the object/commodity (= posne'u, posyvelne'u for unambiguous semantics). See also dunda, friti, jerna, jinga, jivna, pleji, sfasa, venfu, prali, dapma.