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zo si si zei fa'o
obsolete zei-lujvo x1 is a nonsense zei-lujvo using parts x2, silly by standard x3. This lujvo parses in jbofi'e as an artifact of how high precedence zei is, and how zo erasure works. Specifically, [zo WORD si] has not erased the entire zo clause but has killed zo's "magic". fa'o and quoted si are replaceable, but thrown in for fun, to have a full magic-word lujvo.
cmavo erase the last Lojban word, treating non-Lojban text as a single word.
mi prami la tom si meris
I love Tom, err, I mean Mary.
au mi citka lo kokso si perli
I'd like to eat a coconut, no, pear!
je mi'a mutce djica tu'a so'i jufra be fi so'i si ro bangu
And what we really want is to have many sentences in many — and any — languages.
ko denpa .i pa .i re .i mu si ci .i renro
Wait! One! Two! Five--I mean, Three! Throw!
mi pu cusku zoi gy.hello, friends!.gy. si zoi gy.hello, kids!.gy.
I said "Hello, friends!", ehm, no, "Hello, kids!"
lujvo x1 is silicon (Si)
fu'ivla x1 is the selma'o "SI".
lujvo sa1=si1 seems to be a science (is a pseudo-science) in field si2 to observer si3 but actually is not a science according to standard si4. See also: jifmlu, saske.
lo pi'ai mitre fei'u snidu cu gradu le sornairauci'e lo ni muvysutra .i le go'i cu se sinxa me'o my fi'ubu sy
The meter per second is the SI unit for velocity. Its symbol is m/s.
lujvo g1=se2 pretends to have property(ies) si2 to observer si3 under conditions si4 c.f. sevzi simlu gasnu selxarkei.
lujvo si1 debugs [searches for] bug/defect c1=si2 (property) in computer system or computer program c2=si3=sk1. Cf. samcfi, cfisisku, skami, cfila, sisku.
lujvo x1 is an eraser word This corresponds to selma'o SI, SA and SU in Lojban.
lujvo x1=sa1=si1 [agent] ceases/halts/ends the operation of [apparatus/machine] x2=sa2 in aspect/function/process/activity x3=si2 See also sazri, sisti
lujvo sl3 is an ceremony/celebration for recognizing/honoring si2 (object of esteem) with participants sl1=si1. Cf. sinma, salci, tersla, jmaji, jikca.