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cmavo sidju modal, 1st place (aiding agent) aided by ...
si'u i si'u nai
With help. Without help
mi co'a si'u nai jimpe ju'i nai
I understood myself, never mind.
mi kakne lo ka punji si'u nai
I can put it myself.
mi si'u nai mo'u tolcri ki'e cu'i la alis
I found myself, no thanks to you, Alice.
le laldo prenu cu ruble lo ka pinxe si'u nai
The old man is weak in being able to drink himself.
le verba ca kakne lo ka cadzu vau si'u lo rirni
The child is able to walk now with the help of parents.
lujvo x1 (set) meet at x2 (location). Simple -si'u lujvo. cf. simxu, penmi
gismu rafsi: dju x1 helps/assists/aids object/person x2 do/achieve/maintain event/activity x3. See also cmavo list si'u, rirni, sarji, vipsi, ferti, selfu.
lujvo m1 is a bike/bicycle/tricycle/pedal vehicle carrying m2 in/on surface/medium m3, propelled by force m4 transmitted via pedal(s) c1=v1. Also include hydrocycle (=jaurcarvrama'e or x3= "lo djacu"), handcycle (x4= "lo xance"), electric bicycle (= "lo carvrama'e be fo si'u lo dicymatra"; not to be confused with motorcycles), cycles with different numbers of wheels and different numbers of riders, etc.
gismu rafsi: sim si'u x1 (set) has members who mutually/reciprocally x2 (event [x1 should be reflexive in 1+ sumti]). Members of x1 do to each other/one another x2, and in return do x2; x1 (plural set) do the same thing x2 to each other. See also kampu, mintu.