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gismu rafsi: si'i x1 is a coin/token/is specie issued by x2 having value x3 of composition including x4. See also fepni, jdini, rupnu.
ti rijno sicni
This is a silver coin.
lo sicni cu solji
The coin is made out of gold.
le sicni cu rijno
The coin is silver.
ti me lo sicni poi jdini loi turni
This is a coin issued by French government.
mi pu cpacu lo ci sicni poi rupnu li pa
I got three coins one dollar each in value.
gismu rafsi: din di'i x1 is money/currency issued by x2; (adjective:) x1 is financial/monetary/pecuniary/fiscal. 'currency' sometimes is restricted to paper money (= pledi'i). See also fepni, jdima, rupnu, sicni, canja.
da'i le ninmu cu ponse le pano rijno sicni gi'e cirko pa ri i xu ny na cikygau lo tergu'i gi'e lumci lo zdani gi'e junri sisku mo'u lo nu facki
Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it?
gismu rafsi: fep fei x1 is measured in kopeck/cent money-subunits as x2 [quantity], in monetary system x3. Also pfennig, paisa, sen, fen, dinar, etc.; x1 is generally a price/cost/value. (additional secondary, tertiary, etc. subunit places may be added as x4, x5, x6, ...); See also sicni, jdini, jdima, vecnu, rupnu, dekpu, gutci, minli, merli, bunda, kramu.
gismu rafsi: rup ru'u x1 is measured in major-money-units (dollar/yuan/ruble) as x2 (quantity), monetary system x3. Also pound, rupee, franc, mark, yen; x1 is generally a price/cost/value. See also jdini, sicni, jdima, vecnu, fepni, dekpu, gutci, minli, merli, bunda, kramu.