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lo nu mi tatpi cu zildukse lo nu mi sidju do
I'm too tired to help you.
ra pu zivle lo jdini lo ka sidju lo cnino sanga
He invested money in a new singer.
mi pu friti fi le mamta fe lo ka sidju lo verba lo ka klama lo cnita
I offered the mother to help the child to go down.
fu'ivla x1 is amai to x2 in aspect x3 (Japanese term); x1 does amaeru; x1 plays baby / catered by / protected by / undulged by x2; x1 depends and presumes upon x2's benevolence; x2 is a rabbi/counsellor to x1 without contractual/conditional relationship; x2 helps x1 cope with x3 (e.g. emotional,social, economic life's challenges) See also sidju, stidi, zukti'i, enriio, prami, kamni
gismu rafsi: sra x1 supports/holds up/is underpinning of/[helps] x2 against force/opposition x3 with/by means x4. Also aids; (adjective:) x1 is dependable, reliable (such reliability may be transient; this is not the usual sense of 'reliable' or 'dependable'); (x2 is object/event). See also bradi, darlu, fapro, sidju, tugni, bongu, ckana, cpana, loldi, sanli, selfu.