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gismu rafsi: sig x1 is a cigar/cigarette/cigarillo made from tobacco/smokable substance x2 by x3. See also danmo, jelca, tanko, marna.
xu le smani ca'o damva'u lo sigja
Is the monkey smoking a cigarette?
ko na sigja vasxu bu'u lo vi kumfa
Don't smoke in this room.
mi ta'e pilno lo naldamtanko seba'i lo sigja mu'i lo nu kanro
I habitually use smokeless tobacco as substitute for cigarettes because of health reasons.
lujvo p1 is a / is a quantity of rolling paper from source p2. Cf. sigyplebo'o, sigja, pelji.
gismu x1 is a quantity of tobacco [leaf] of species/strain x2. See also sigja, marna.
gismu rafsi: dam x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of smoke/smog/air pollution from source x2. x2 may be a fire. See also pulce, gapci, sigja, bumru.
gismu x1 is a quantity of hemp/marijuana/jute of species/strain x2. See also skori, tanko, sigja, xukmi.
lujvo v1 is a cigarette/cigar smoker; v1 smokes cigarettes/cigars. Cf. sigja, vasxu. See also tankyva'u, damva'u, marnyva'u.
lujvo t1 is a quantity of smokeless tobacco/tobacco-based product of/from species/strain t2 All tobacco and tobacco-based products, but not merely nicotine-based products (e.g. pharmaceutical), not intended for smoking e.g. dipping/chewing/dissolvable tobacco, snuff, snus, tobacco gum, iqmik, naswar, gutka, toombak, shammah, etc. Cf. tanko, danmo, sigja.
gismu rafsi: jel x1 burns/[ignites/is flammable/inflammable] at temperature x2 in atmosphere x3. Default x2/x3 to normal temperatures in air; ignite (= jelcfa), flammable/inflammable (usually = jelka'e or jelfrili). See also fagri, kijno, sigja, livla, sacki.