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ua nai bu'o cu'i la alis cu simsa fi lo ka na zvati
What's going on, Alice is also not present.
fi lo mi pendo cu fadni fa la kevin lo ka cusku lo simsa pe mi
Among my friends, it's common for Kevin to say such things about me.
lo menli be lo smani cu simsa lo menli be lo remna
The mind of monkeys is similar to the one of humans.
mi ba no roi zukte lo simsa za'u re'u vau nu'e do
I will never do that again, I promise you.
lo skapi be le ninmu pu simsa lo snime lo ka blabi
Her skin was white as snow.
lo xanto cu bacru lo simsa be lo sance be lo tabra
Elephants produce sounds similar to trumpet.
mi xebni lo ka zgana ro nu do se tasmi lo simsa
I hate seeing you like this.
lujvo x1 is shaped (physically/geometrically) like x2, with shape x3 See caltai, simsa, tamsmi
lujvo m1=r1=s1 is an automaton [mostly unintelligent android/humanoid machine] for purpose m2. s2 is subsumed. See also crida. Made from remna + simsa + minji.
lujvo x1 resembles x2 in color x3 x1=skari_1=simsa_1, x2=simsa_2, x3=skari_2=jai-simsa_3. See skari, simsa, ganseti
gismu x1 (set/mass/ind.) is miscellaneous/various/assorted in property x2 (ka). See also klesi, girzu, frica, simsa, panra.
lo rilti be lo pu se sanga be le nakni cu simsa lo'u la la cu cu la la le'u
The rhythm of the phrase said by him was similar to "la la tcu tcu la la".
gismu rafsi: fic x1 differs/is distinct from/contrasts with/is unlike x2 in property/dimension/quantity x3. Also other-than (less common meaning). See also ranxi, drata, dunli, simsa, vrici.
lujvo x1=t1=s1 acts like/similarly to x2=t2=s2 in property x3=s3 under conditions x4=t3. See also simsa, tarti.
lo ro gleki lanzu cu simxu lo ka simsa .i ro da poi tolgleki lanzu cu tolgleki tai lo me da moi
All happy families resemble each other, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
ti'e da finti lo simsa be la xaskel bei do'e lo kantu skami i i'a i ko dunda fi mi fe lo kantu skami ije mi cilre
They say someone invented something like Haskell for quantum computers. Okay then, give me a quantum computer and I will learn it.