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gismu rafsi: saj x1 is conscious/aware of x2 (object/abstract); x1 discerns/recognizes x2 (object/abstract). [also: x1 knows Of. x2 (one sense); awareness implies some amount of mental processing above and beyond mere sensory detection, and may also be applied to mental relationships that are not detected by the senses]; See also menli, morji, ganse, sipna, cikna.
lujvo x1=t2 snugly sleeps, wrapped in x2=t1, which is snug in direction x3=t3 at locus x4=t4 This does not imply comfort. It simply states that the sleeper is tightly wrapped in what would be assumed to be his/her/its covers. cf. se, tagji, and sipna
mi fliba lo ka sipna i sa'u mi entuzi lo ka djuno fi lo ma'a nu ba zi kuspe la pluton
I cannot sleep. I am just electrified by the knowledge of our imminent approach toward Pluto.