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lujvo x1=l1=r1=s1 experiences sleep paralysis including x2=l2 (event/experience) I.e. becoming aware of muscle atonia (i.e. unability to move, speak or react) of falling asleep (hypnagogic) or awakening (hypnopompic). Often includes terrifying hallucinations (e.g. "night mare"). Cf. narslutroka'e, sajysne.
lujvo x1=k1=j1 is unable to move/paralyzed in body-part x2=k2=j2=s2, under conditions x3=k3=j3 Transient or permanent (but not pseudo-)paralysis (see sipyjitri'ufri for sleep paralysis). Cf. narte'ugaska'e, narviska'e, nartinka'e, narvu'igaska'e, narsumnyka'e, narka'e.