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gismu rafsi: siv x1 is private/personal/privy/[secret/confidential/confined] to x2; x1 is not-public/hidden. Also: x1 is secret (one sense); x2 is in the know/in touch with/privy to x1 (= selsivni for reordered places); exclusion can be expressed by na'e(bo) in x2: excluded/in the dark (= nalselsivni). See also gubni, mipri.
ti sivni
This is a secret.
lo sivni kumfa cu zvati ma
Where is the toilet?
ta'a lo nobli ma se zvati lo sivni kumfa
Pardon for interrupting, but where is the toilet?
mi pu mrilu lo se dunda lo pendo lo dizlo tcana lo sivni
I mailed a present to a friend from a local post office via a private mail system.
lo tadji be lo nu zbasu lo poi tai kukte vau stasu cu sivni mi
How to make such a tasty soup is a secret to me.
gismu rafsi: gub x1 is public/un-hidden/open/jointly available to/owned by all among community x2 (mass). See also sivni.
cmavo attitudinal: togetherness - privacy. See also kansa, gunma, sivni, sepli.
lujvo c1 is capitalism as practiced by p1=s2 From sivni, ponse, ciste. Cf. guntrusi'o, fairpaltrusi'o.
gismu rafsi: mip x1 keeps x2 secret/hidden from x3 by method x4; x2 is a secret; x1 hides/conceals x2. Intransitive hidden/secret, without an agent (= selcri or nalterju'o); secret (= selmipri). See also stace, mifra, sivni, djuno, cirko, jarco.