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gismu rafsi: sam x1 is a computer for purpose x2. See also kanji, minji, pensi.
skami plino
computer user
mi ralte lo skami
I have a computer.
ma nitcu lo skami
Who needs computers?
le skami na spuda
The computer is not responding.
lo skami cu pluja minji
Computers are complicated machines.
mi nitcu lo cnino skami
I need a new computer.
mi na ralte lo skami
I don't have a computer.
ri na ponse lo skami
She doesn't have a computer.
mi pu na'aktigau le skami
I turned off the computer.
cmevla name: Macintosh (computer) See skami, {la plise}
uacai lo mi skami cu spofu
Aaah!! My computer is broken!
do terve'u lo vi skami fo ma
How much have you paid for this computer?
.uicai mi'o prami lo skami voksa
Oh yes, we love the computer voice!
lo mi skami fi mi pedrai
My computer is my best friend.