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lujvo g1=c1 logs out of computer c2 as username c3 The username (c3) should be a quoted string. Cf. gasnu, catni, skami, sampli, japyvla
lujvo x1=s1=p1 is a computer-person/robot with purpose x2=s2 The implications of what it means to be a prenu are not accounted for. See also: prenu and skami
lujvo pa1 is a thread of process [computer process] pa2=pr1. See also: samru'e, skami, pruce, pagbu.
lujvo p1 is a computer process with inputs p2 and outputs/results p3, passing through stages p4, on computer s1. Taken from NORALUJV.TXT. lujvo from skami and pruce.
lujvo x1 is a video game / computer game. Neither the player, nor the computer, nor the purpose thereof are intrinsic to the concept of the video game. Refers any game that is played on an electronic device. See also skami, kelci.
lujvo sm1 is an e-mail sent by sm2 (agent) to person / computer sm3 from person / computer sm4 by computer network sm5. Made from skami + selmri.
lujvo k1 is a toolbar of k2=t1 (icons/programs) for purpose k3=t2=s2. Cf. skami, tutci, kajna.
lujvo xa1 is a pointing device for computer xa2=s1. Pointing devices include: mouse, trackball, touchpad, touchscreen, graphics tablet, joystick, pointing stick. Cf. pevysmacu, skami, xance.
lujvo m1 (agent) sends e-mail m2 to person / computer m3 from person / computer m4 by computer network m5. Made from skami + mrilu.
lujvo n1 is an autobiography/resumé/home page of n2=n3, intended for n4. Cf. skicu, notci, skami, samseltcana, ueb
lujvo x1 is a tablet computer for purpose x2 Cf. tanbo, skami, kibro, samvidni
.oi ru'e mi pu zi ze'a jitro lo skami pe lo pe mi mamta sepi'o la'o gy VNC gy ce'o la'o gy ssh gy
I am mildly annoyed about just spending a while controlling my mother's computer with VNC, then with ssh.
lujvo v4=m1=c1 is a computer disk/hard disk/floppy disk storing v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event) in file(s) v1. Cf. vreji, datni, skami, makyvelvei, srimakyvelvei, cukmirvelvei.
lujvo v4=m1=c1 is a compact disc/optical disc storing v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event) in file(s) v1. Cf. vreji, datni, skami, cukmakyvelvei, cukyku'ovelvei, srimakyvelvei.
lujvo x1=v1 is a file consisting of information x2=d1=v2 about x3=d2=v3 in medium x4=v4. Cf. datnyveiste, skami.
lujvo v4=m1 is a magnetic storage medium storing v2 (data/facts/du'u) about v3 (object/event) in file(s) v1. Cf. vreji, datni, skami, cukmakyvelvei, srimakyvelvei