lojbo jufsisku
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gismu x1 is a quantity of/contains onions/scallions of type/cultivar x2. See also stagi.
tu'o sluni cu zvati le patxu
There is a mash of onions in the pot.
ai mi co'e lo tamca ce lo sluni
I'm going to have a tomato and an onion.
lo vi stasu cu se vrusi lo sluni
This soup tastes of onions.
lujvo x1 is a leek of variety x2. see also sunga, sluni, tu'ursluni
gismu x1 is the edible x2 portion of plant x3; x1 is a vegetable. Note that fruits and nuts are also vegetables; generally this word will be used for either the general category of edible plants, or for non-fruit vegetables (= nalrutstagi). See also grute, kobli, narge, sluni, spati, sunga, tamca.