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lujvo x1 is the meaning of linguistic expression x2 in language x3 according to interpreter x4 See also smuni, bangu.
lujvo x1 (du'u/si'o) is a connotation/undertone of x2 (text or act of expression), recognized by x3 See kansa, smuni
lujvo v1=m1 is a synonym of m2 by standard m3 in language v3. Cf. mintu, smuni, valsi, smuske
lujvo s1=v1 is an interpretation of s2 recognized by s3 but judged unimportant by v2. no'e+vajni+smuni
lujvo x1 is the meaning of symbol x2 as observed by x3 = se sinxa. See smuni
lujvo x1 is a figurative/metaphorical/non-literal meaning/interpretation of x2 recognized/seen/accepted by x3 . See also stidi, smuni, pe'a
lujvo x1 expresses meaning x2 to addressee/audience x3 by doing x4 (property of x1) See also cusku, smuni.
lujvo v1 is the context of meaning v2=s1 of event/action/object s2 recognized by s3. Cf. smuni, vanbi, jimpe, sinxa.
fu'ivla x1 is semantically regularized in x2 (property of x1) Can be applied to taxonomies, languages, linguistic constructs. See also kalsa, ganzu, smuni, prane
la'e di'u se smuni lo du'u zifre lo nu pilno fi lo ctuca cukta a lo samselpla a lo facki gungunma a ro da
This means you can reuse them freely for a textbook, for an application, for a research project, for anything!
mi pu ganse no drata be lo porsi be fi lo valsi i je mi na pu jimpe lo smuni be le porsi
I could only see a sequence of words, the sequence the meaning of which I couldn't understand.
lujvo s1 is easily understood/interpreted as the meaning of s2 by (agent) s3=f2 under conditions f3. From frili+smuni. The x1 of frili is subsumed into the overall sense of the word. See also: filseljmi, klina.
gismu rafsi: jmi x1 understands/comprehends fact/truth x2 (du'u) about subject x3; x1 understands (fi) x3. See also djuno, jijnu, morna, smuni, saske, viska.
gismu rafsi: luv jvo x1 (text) is a compound predicate word with meaning x2 and arguments x3 built from metaphor x4. See also stura, cmavo, gismu, rafsi, smuni.
lujvo x1 is a "false friend" (word in different language that looks or sounds similar, but differs significantly in meaning) to x2, meaning x3 in language x4. Synonymous to jifpedvla. See valsi, smuni, bangu.
lujvo x1=d1=s1 is semantically correct in situation/context x2=d3, having meaning x3=s1 according to interpreter x4=s3=d4. Cf. smuni, drani.