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gismu rafsi: sad x1 [agent] succeeds in/achieves/completes/accomplishes x2 as a result of effort/attempt/try x3. Also: x1 reaches x2; (adjective:) x1 is successful; x2 (event/state/achievement). See also fliba, troci, jgira.
mi snada
I have succeeded in doing it.
ba'a do snada
I'm sure of your success.
lo cipra pu snada
The experiment was successful.
pe'i ta ba snada
I think that he will succeed.
do pu snada
You made it!
ba'a mi'o na snada
We're not going to make it.
do ba na'e snada
You won't make it (won't succeed).
mi nu'o snada
I could succeed but never managed to do that.
ui ru'e do snada
Yay, you won.
ui sai do snada
Yay, you won!
se'o do ba snada
I have a feeling you will succeed.
ra campa'a lo nu snada
He is eager for success.
.a'i ro'e cu'i mi snada
I did it, through much hard work, though it took but little thought.
ui ro'i nai do snada
No rejoicing from me, you won.
mi to'e ri'a nai snada
Despite that, I succeeded.