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cmavo attitudinal: completion - incompleteness. See also mulno, mansa, fanmo, snada.
ua o'u lo cuntu cu se snada
I was relieved to know that the operation was a success.
ra snada lo nu cpare lo cmana
He managed to climb the mountain.
mi birti lo nu do snada
I'm sure of your success.
.i lo nu snada cu mutce lakne
There was a strong likelihood of his succeeding.
mi pacna lo nu do snada
I hope for your success.
lo tadni cu snada nagi'a gunka
The only students who pass are the ones who work.
ko'a snada tu'a lo taxfu vecnu
He made out really well in the clothing business.
ju'o ko'a snada tu'a le cipra
She is bound to pass the examination.
mi to'e ri'a nai ra snada
Despite that I succeeded.
lo tadni cu snada gi'o gunka
The only students who pass are the ones who work.
mi birti lo du'u do ba snada
I am sure you will succeed.
fau da'i ro da mi snada
I would succeed anyway.
gismu rafsi: toc toi x1 tries/attempts/makes an effort to do/attain x2 (event/state/property) by actions/method x3. Also experiments at. See also fliba, snada, cipra.
mi'a za'u re'u troci gi'e ku'i na snada
We tried it again, but couldn't do it.
ko snada lo nu lo vorme cu ganlo
Lock the door without fail.