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gismu rafsi: si'e x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity/expanse of snow. See also bratu, carvi, bisli.
lo snime ba carvi
It is going to snow.
mi prami lo snime
I love snow.
mo'u prulamdei snime carvi
Yesterday snow fell.
lo snime bazi canci
The snow will soon disappear.
lo snime cu lenku
The snow is cold.
mi mutce nelci lo snime
I like snow a lot.
xu do nelci lo snime
Do you like snow?
snime carvi de'i li pa
It'll snow tomorrow.
ca carmi ke snime carvi
It snows hard.
ju'i do ca'o snime carvi
Hey, it's snowing.
pu snime punli lo dargu
It was a clump of snow on the road.
ki'u lo nu snime kei na kakne
Because of the snow, it cannot be done.
ca lo prulamdei ku mo'u snime carvi
Yesterday snow fell.
mi senpi lo nu ba snime carvi
I doubt if it'll snow.
ca snime carvi bu'u lo klaji
It's snowing on the streets.