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lujvo t1=c1 is tired/hurting/in stitches from laughing; t1=c1 laughs so hard it hurts. Typical pain loci include the cheeks and abdomen. Some may also cry. Cf. cortu, klaku.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is a member of insect genus Neotrogla, of species x2 Species of this genus are noted for their so-called "sex-reversed" organs. See: vibnrbarpinji, nakpibrkevna.
lujvo g2=su1=t1 is a sun-dried tomato of species/strain/variety t2, dried by sun g1=so1 [default: sun of home planet Earth].
fu'ivla x1 reflects Chilean culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. This word is even mentioned in Book, so it seems like it ought to be in the dictionary. cf. gugdeculu, ru'urculupu.
experimental cmavo at N o'clock; at the hour N of the day. djecacrytcika modal. ex. lo trene cu cliva ti'u'a li so (The train departs at nine o'clock.) See also ti'u; ti'u'e, ti'u'i.
lujvo x1=s1 looks for the location of x2=z1 among location(s) x3=s3=z2 s2 = "lo ka z1 zvati ce'u", so is eliminated.
fu'ivla x1 (event/state) is in the ninth month/September of a year x2 in system x3. lo masnso = lo se ma'irdetri be li so. See also detri, detke'u, masti; masnpa, masnre, masnci, masnvo, masnmu, masnxa, masnze, masnbi, masndau, masnfei, masngai, masnjau, masnrei or masnxei, masnvai.
lujvo x1=c1 is a bow/crossbow/ballista for shooting ammunition x2=c2 [arrow/quarrel/crossbow bolt] by flexing and releasing bow/prod/lath x3=g1 of material x6=g3, to whose two ends are tied bow string x4=g2=s1 of material x5=s2. To be clear, the launch mechanism is as follows: x4 is pulled so as to bend x3, while x2 is placed on x4, and x4 is released, causing x3 to snap back into its normal shape, launching x2 as it does so.
lujvo x1 is a point on time axis, of event/state x2, in system x3. temci zei judri. Both date and time may be x1 all together. See te'i for BAI. See also detri, tcika. ex.) li re no pa mu pi'e mu pi'e ci no pi'e re no pi'e re vo cu mentu temjudri su'o nuntumdesku u'y ty cy xi ma'u so (There was an earthquake at 2015-05-30 20:24 UTC+9.) / li re vo mu ze pa ze re pi so ze mu cu temjudri su'o nuntumdesku la juli'us (There was an earthquake at 2457172.975 of Julian date.)
obsolete cmavo mekso 4-nary operator: spherical harmonics on colatitudinal/polar angle a and azimuthal/longitudinal angle b of unassociated order c and associated order d. Usually denoted Y^m_l (\theta, \phi). The Condon-Shortley phase must be prepended to the definition. The normalization is chosen so that the integral over all (solid) angles of Y^m_l(\Omega) conj(Y^n_k(\Omega) = \delta(m,n) \delta(l,k).
lujvo x1=n1 is the length of line x2=l1=c1 defined by set of points x3=l2 in measurement system x4=n2=c3 Lines are 1D, so clani2 is derived. Cf. lutnilcla
lujvo c1 is monosexual in situation c2 by standard c4. Monosexual means sexual interest in only one sex/gender, so this word does not apply to bisexuals (= relcinse). Cf. fetcinse, nakcinse, mitcinse, dutcinse.
lujvo x1 is the petrified/fossilized remains/remnant/trace of (once-)biological entity/organism x2 with rock composition x3 and location x4 The remains must have become stone/rock (so, are not "fresh"). The remains need not be a body (part) but must have originated from a biological entity (trace: tracks/footprints, feathers/hair, scat, etc.). See also: mivyvelvicyvauro'i
lujvo x1 (object/medium) is unclear/murky/obfuscating/(at least somewhat/semi-)opaque/impeding/with obstacle/fogs with regard to transmission x2 Do not use for "befuddling"/"confusing". A solar-style eclipse could be so characterized (in which case medium x1 is the solid body of Luna or another significant object); an eclipse caused by a significant physical object blocking the viewing of another (from yet another) by physically intervening (being positioned betwixt them).
experimental cmavo evidential: I remember (experiencing) - I deny remembering See moi'i, vedli, morji, kai'e, lai'i. Split from ba'a so that it can be properly negated with nai or questioned with pei
experimental gismu x1 is beyond/beside/abstract/meta (older sense) to x2 so as to be an abstraction thereof/external thereto, being so beyond/abstract in property/aspect x3, and having features x4, governed by/considered in system/considerations/epistemology/theory x5; x1 is conceptually beyond/external to/higher up than x2 (in, for example, existential or consideration precedence) x1 need not be an abstraction *of* x2, but must be abstract *to* it. The word "metaphysics" could be translated with/using this word. All meta things (in the sense of cmeta) are necessarily xulta, but the converse is not true; may also include all things that are sucta. This word is different from sucta in that no concept or properties need to be generalized/simplified/idealized/abstracted from x2 in order to produce x1 (by some rules); x1 is just an object/concept/system/etc. that exists beyond/external to x2 (in some "higher plane", so to speak). Do not confuse with: xutla. Proposed short rafsi: -xut-. See also: cmeta, sucta.