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gismu rafsi: sob so'e x1 is a quantity of soya [grain/bean] of species/strain x2. See also dembi, gurni.
lujvo z1=n2 is pop music produced/performed at/by z2 (event). Cf. so'e, nelci, zgike, dja'aza, te'ekno, naizgi, nolzgi.
fu'ivla x1 gives x2 (li) fucks about x3. A smaller x2 means less caring. Use of vague numbers is obviously permitted. (Why not?) "Barely give a shit" (= "gleua li so'u") "Doesn't give a fuck" (= "gleua li no"). Numbers can be made to lujvo with this to create pseudo-words meaning "to give no fucks" (= "no zei gleua"). Of course, this word can be used positively (= "gleua li so'e") to mean something like "I care a great deal!"