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gismu rafsi: som so'o x1 sows/plants x2 [crop/plants] at/in x3. See also crepu, tsiju.
mi'o pu klama tezu'e lo nu sombo
We went there to plant saplings.
do puzi je cu'e sombo lo gurni
You sowed the grain a little while ago; when else do you sow it?
ko vi'i fe'e di'i sombo le gurni
Sow the grain in a line and evenly!
mi sombo lo samcu je lo zumri
I plant yams and maize.
ra sombo lo balji be lo xrula lo purdi
She planted the flower bulb in the garden.
la .tam. pu sombo so'o xrula tsiju lo ty purdi
Tom planted some flower seeds in his garden.
ra pu sombo lo balji be lo flora lo purdi
She planted the flower bulb in the garden.
xu do mo'u sombo lo tsiju lo dertu
Have you sown the seeds in the ground?
gismu rafsi: rep x1 (agent) harvests/reaps/gathers crop/product/objects x2 from source/area x3. See also critu, sombo, jmaji.
gismu rafsi: tsi x1(s) is/are (a) seed(s)/spore(s) [body-part] of organism x2 for producing offspring x3. Also germ cell; implies actual potential for self-development; seeds generally contain embryo and food, and hence would include a fertilized egg. See also tarbi, dembi, grute, jbari, sombo, spati, sovda.