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gismu rafsi: sov so'a x1 is an egg/ovum/sperm/pollen/gamete of/from organism [mother/father] x2. (poorly metaphorical only due to gender- and species- being unspecified): ovoid, oblate (= pevyso'aseltai, but better: claboi); egg, specifically female (= fetso'a), of a bird (= cpifetso'a, cpiso'a), of a chicken (= jipcyfetso'a, jipcyso'a. (but note that Lojban does not require specificity, just as English doesn't for either milk or eggs; "sovda" is fine for most contexts); If fertilized, then tsiju or tarbi. (cf. ganti, gutra, mamta, patfu, rorci, tsiju, lanbi, tarbi; also djine, konju for shape, tarbi)
tanxe so'i sovda
There are a lot of eggs in the box.
ti jipci sovda
This is an egg.
mi lo sovda cu tolnelci
I don't like eggs.
ko'a pu terve'u re loi gai sovda
She bought two dozen eggs.
mi'a pu ca'o citka lo sovda
We were eating eggs.
ti du lo sovda joi lo purmo
This is a mass of eggs and flour.
lo cipni ji lo sovda cu pamoi tolcanci
What came first? The egg or the hen?
mi pu te vecnu lo pare fe'i re sovda
I bought half a dozen eggs.
le nakni cu ralte lo sovda gi'e citka ri
He has an egg and is eating it.
mi pu te vecnu lo pa re fe'i re sovda
I bought half a dozen eggs.
mi pu lebna so'o lo sovda be lo jipci
I took several hen eggs.
lujvo k1 is made of/contains a quantity of custard. Cf. sovda, kruji.
dinsauru sovda xu .i na cumki .i lo bi'unai danlu ca morsi jutsi
Dinosaur eggs? Impossible. These animals are already extinct.
mi pu punji lo cinta be lo kliti bei lo sovda le bitmu
I put an oil paint (with clay as a pigment) on to the wall.
mi ba citka lo omle be lo sovda ce lo tamca
I will eat an omelette made with eggs and tomatoes.