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gismu rafsi: spe x1 is married to x2; x1 is a spouse of x2 under law/custom/tradition/system/convention x3. See also prami, gletu.
na speni
She isn't married.
xu do speni
Are you married?
ko'a fetsi speni mi
She's my wife.
mi za'ure'u co'a speni
I got married again.
mi se speni da
I'm married.
la'a la tom speni
Perhaps Tom is married.
xu do speni
Are you married?
i ri speni mi
She is my wife.
ra speni lo kadno ninmu
He married a Canadian girl.
ko'a speni lo ricfu nanmu
She married a rich man.
ko'a banli speni je mamta
She's a wonderful wife and mother.
mi no mu'ei speni do
I would never be your wife.
mi se speni no da
I'm unmarried.
mi co'a speni la .suzan.
I married Susan.
ra speni lo nixli poi vo'a cuxna
He married a girl of his own choice.