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da'i do se xamgu fa lo ka pu klama lo spita
You had better go to the infirmary.
le nanmu poi selxai le snuti cu selbei fi lo spita
The man injured in the accident was taken to the hospital.
fu'ivla x1 is an ambulance/emergency vehicle transferring x2 (that are ill) x1 is an emergency vehicle that transports sick or injured people to a hospital. See bilma, spita
gismu rafsi: bi'a x1 is ill/sick/diseased with symptoms x2 from disease x3. See also kanro, mikce, spita, senci, kafke, binra.
lujvo k1 is an operating theatre in which to perform surgery m4. Cf. mikce, kumfa, micka'agau, spita
lujvo c1 is a hospital bed of material c2 for holding patient c3=s2. Cf. spita, ckana.
gismu rafsi: mic x1 doctors/treats/nurses/[cures]/is physician/midwife to x2 for ailment x3 by treatment/cure x4. Also medic; (adjective:) x1, x4 is medical; x2 is a patient of x1 (= selmikce for reordered places) ; x2 is treated by x1 person/x4 treatment/method; successfully cure transitive (= sadmikce, sadvelmikce), intransitive (= sadyselmikce, ka'orbi'o to not imply an external agent/process, though the x1 and x4 of mikce may be self/internal); treatment (= velmikce). See also bilma, kanro, spita.