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gismu rafsi: poj po'a x1 bursts/explodes/violently breaks up/decomposes/combusts into pieces/energy/fragments x2. See also cecla, jakne, jbama.
le jbama pu spoja lo pagbu
The bomb exploded into pieces.
lo kunti be roda ganai spoja gi se cmene lu xekri kevna li'u
And if the vacuum explodes, it is called a black hole.
gismu rafsi: bam x1 is a bomb/explosive device with explosive material/principle x2. See also cecla, spoja.
lujvo f1 fails to explode; f1 is a dud. Cf. spoja, fliba.
lujvo x1=s1=j1 is a decorative explosive/firework/roman candle decorating x2=j2 producing debris/pieces/fragments x3=s3 cf. jadni and spoja
gismu x1 is a rocket [vehicle] propelled by jet expelling x2 carrying payload x3. See also cecla, danti, spoja.
fu'ivla a1=s2 is a quantity of puffed amaranth from unpuffed amaranth s1. From (lojban) "se spoja" + (latin) "amaranthus" (genus).
gismu rafsi: cel ce'a x1 launches/fires/shoots projectile/missile x2, propelled by x3 [propellant/propulsion]. Also: x1 is a gun/launcher/cannon; x1 hurls/throws/casts (more general than renro in that propulsion need not be internal to x1). See also renro, danti, jakne, jbama, spoja.
fu'ivla a1=s2 is a quantity of puffed nuña bean(s) from unpuffed nuña bean(s) s1 (Phaseolus vulgaris subsp. nunas). From (lojban) "se spoja" + (spanish?) "nuña" (Phaseolus vulgaris subsp. nunas). See also nuña bean (=debrnuna).