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gismu rafsi: ra'a x1 pertains to/is germane/relevant to/concerns/is related/associated with/is about x2. Also: x1 is a question of/treats of x2; can be symmetric, although x1 is conventionally more specific or constrained in scope than x2. See also cmavo list ra'a, ckini, ponse, steci.
mi to'e srana ko'a
I have nothing to do with them.
no va'e srana ra
That has nothing to do with him.
srana lo jufra e nai lo valsi
It's all about sentences. Not words.
ma se srana lo va ci'arselpapri
Whose notebook is that?
lo vi cukta na srana mi
This book isn't mine.
xu do se srana lo va cukta
Is that your book?
lo cukta cu se srana do
It's your book.
le vi cukta cu srana lo tarci
This book is about stars.
le vi relxilma'e mi se srana
This bicycle is mine.
ma se srana ti poi jgita
Whose guitar is this?
lo mi se srana ma zvati
Where are my things?
lo xunre cu srana lo nu fengu
Red is related to the state of being angry.
mi se srana lo vi cukta .i ra se srana lo va cukta
These are my books, those are his.
xu le nu do klama cu srana lo selgu'a
Are you going there on business?
xu da poi ckusro cu srana le do ckule
Does your school have a library?