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mi klama .i ji'a do stali
I go. In addition, you stay.
mi klama .i ku'i do stali
I go. However, you stay.
lujvo s1=d1 stays/keeps back with s2, distant from d2. Cf. darno, stali.
xu do stali lo zdani ze'a lo cabycte
Will you stay at home tonight?
la.kentaron. cu stali la.kioton. fi'o kansa lo pendo be vo'a
Kentaro is staying with his friend in Kyoto.
e'u do stali ti co'u lo nu na snime carvi
You can stay here till the snow stops.
ra pu stali lo zdani be lo ra fetfamti
He stayed at his aunt's house.
la.siskos. stali lo selmipri barja ca lo nicte
Sysko hangs around in secret pubs at night.
ma temci lo nu do co'a stali la.osakan.
How long have you been staying in Osaka?
lo ropa perli poi stali le tricu cu fusra
The only pear left on the tree is rotten.
la tom pu pikci la maris lo ka stali
Tom begged Mary to stay.
.u'o cu'i xu mi zifre lo nu stali
Erm, may I stay here?
.ai mi na stali lo ka tirna ti .i fe'o
I'm not staying to listen to this! Have a nice day!
sei mi jinvi mi te mukti lo ka vi stali
I think I'm gonna stay here.
mi djica stali lo nu mi cmecau vi
I want to remain anonymous in this.
lo valsi cu vofli ije lo selsku cu stali
Words fly, texts remain.