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gismu rafsi: tel x1 is a lock/seal of/on/for sealing x2 with/by locking mechanism x3. See also ckiku.
ti ckiku lo na mapti be lo vi stela
The key is incompatible with this lock.
ti stela lo vi tanxe lo ka te setca lo mapti ckiku
This is a lock for sealing this box; a suitable key is to be inserted into it.
lo remna poi lebna lo befsri stela ba mi'erselcatra .i lo remna poi lebna lo gugde ba turni binxo
He who steals a belt buckle will be executed; he who steals a state becomes a prince.
lujvo s1=d2 is a zip fastener for sealing s2 by mechanism d1. Cf. stela, tolfendi.
lujvo gas1 shuts gan1, preventing passage/access to gan2 by gan3. Cf. ganlo, pluta, klama, klina, stela.
lujvo g1=s2 is locked, preventing access to g2 by g3, the lock being s1 using mechanism s3. Cf. stela, ganlo, telgau, ga'orgau.
lujvo g1 locks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3. Cf. stela, gasnu, telga'o, ga'orgau.
lujvo g1 unlocks/unseals c1=s2 using lock/seal s1 with mechnism s3. Cf. stela, claxu, gasnu, toltelgau, telga'o, ga'orgau.
lujvo g1 unlocks lock s1 on s2 by mechanism s3. Cf. to'e, stela, gasnu, telgau, telga'o, telcaugau, kargau.
gismu rafsi: kik x1 is a key fitting/releasing/opening/unlocking lock x2, and having relevant properties x3. Also x2 fastener, mechanism; code key (= termifckiku, kiktermifra); x3 is dependent on the type of key, but are those form properties of the key that enable it to serve the function of opening the lock - in the case of a metal key to a padlock, for example, this would be the shaft and teeth. See also stela.