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gismu x1 is an address of/are coordinates of x2 in system x3. See also tcita, cmene, ciste, stuzi.
lujvo s1 is a Internet forum for c1 to discuss/talk about topic/subject c2. Cf. kibro, snustu, casnu, stuzi, snukarni, kibykarni
lujvo x1 is a website, containing x2 kibro stuzi. See samjudri, kibzva, ki'oi
lujvo s1 (place) hides m2=s2 from m3 by method m4; s1 is a hiding place. Cf. mipri, stuzi
lujvo x2=c1 is a farm/ranch at x1=c2, of rancher x3=c3 raising/producing x4=c4. se cange, see also stuzi
lujvo st1=sr2 is a yard/courtyard/quadrangle/cloister, the location of st2 (object/event), enclosed by sr1. Cf. sruri, stuzi.
lujvo st1 is a place of honor/[shrine/podium/wall area/trophy case] for person/thing/[event] st2=si2 venerated/honored by si1 c.f. sinma stuzi tsina.
lujvo s1 is a forum for c1 to discuss/talk about topic/subject c2. Cf. casnu, stuzi, snukarni, kibykarni, kibysnustu
gismu rafsi: sta x1 remains/stays at/abides/lasts with x2. See also vitno, zasni, ralte, stodi, xabju, stuzi, renvi.
lujvo p2=s1 is a piece of real estate possessed by p1 in condition p3. Cf. ponse, stuzi, tumla, zdani.
lujvo x1 visits place x2 Rams x2 and x3 of vitke together, implying visiting a place rather than a person or thing. See stuzi, dinju
lujvo s1=z2 is a seat for s2=z2. Differs from stizu in that it focuses on the space rather than the object. Cf. stuzi, zutse.
gismu rafsi: miv ji'e x1 lives/is alive by standard x2; x1 is an organism/living thing. (adjective:) x1 is vital, organic. See also lifri, morsi, stuzi, zvati, xabju.
gismu rafsi: lam la'i x1 is adjacent/beside/next to/in contact with x2 in property/sequence x3 in direction x4. Also touching, contiguous, against. See also zvati, cpana, jibni, diklo, stuzi, bartu, jbini.
gismu rafsi: moc x1 is a point/instant/moment [0-dimensional shape/form] in/on/at time/place x2. x1 is dimensionless. See also jipno, jganu, linji, stuzi, tcika.
lujvo c1 (quoted word(s)) is a/the place name [inherent/inalienable site/place/position/situation/spot/location] of c2=s1 to/used-by namer/name-user c3 (person). s2 is omitted. See also stuzi, cmene, stucmevla and stucmeske.