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cmavo-compound mekso operator: plus or minus with order important, (((a±b)±c)±...±z) Strictly not "positive or negative" (if order matters, use ma'ufa'uni'u instead for that purpose). Subscript fa'u when multiple such operators (including "positive or negative" and others) are in use but are applied independently. This word is more useful and more general in mathematics than su'ijavu'u is, but is perhaps/arguably less general(ly useful) in Lojban, syntactically speaking, since not all statements have multiple occurrences of fa'u that may be linked.
cmavo-compound mekso operator: plus or minus, (((a±b)±c)±...±z) Strictly not "positive or negative" (which is ma'ujani'u vel sim.). This word is general but could easily be replaced by su'ijonaivu'u when the two options are not equivalent (usually when none of the operands are 0). Not preferred in complicated expressions wherein order of operations is important: see su'ifa'uvu'u or su'ifa'u'aivu'u.